TwiddlePic was born out of a passion (and no, I don’t mean like in the 9 out of 10 times when you hear that and it just means “we wanted to start a business”).

One of the differences about TwiddlePic is that it was not the whole original idea that came to mind.

But, I may as well start at the beginning.

I have a close relative, who for personal / privacy reasons we will refer to as “M” (it also lends a certain James Bond-esque feel).

In early 2016 M was diagnosed as having Semantic Dementia (I know, I had never heard of it before either).

One of the signs is when a previously chatty person starts having problems finding the right words. However (as in M’s case) they are often able to bluff their way through for some considerable time.

We are fortunate, in that I am able to spend time with M multiple times a day. We have been on this journey together with the help of many people.

Quite early on this journey a friend gave M a Twiddle Muff (again, something I had not heard of before).

At the time M’s condition had not progressed to the point that this was something she wanted to use.

Roll on, 18 months and 1 of M’s carers, Helen, noticed her fiddling with a box of tissues – Helen had also noticed the Twiddle Muff on one side and placed this in M’s lap.

Now I saw the benefit of this item. It helped calm fidgety fingers and gave something to focus on. I realised that I wanted to bring them to the attention of more people.

I was aware of 2 problems.

One was that most are made by knitting enthusiasts who use leftover oddments to create a muff. As a result they are rarely uniform and often quite feminine in design and colour.

The other was that families of those affected are often not aware that this type of product even existed.

So the idea for TwiddleRoll was born. You can learn more about TwiddleRoll by clicking here.  

When discussing the concept of TwiddleRoll,  1 theme kept coming up.

Everyone we spoke to said “We love the idea of photographs”.

Even relatives of people not yet ready for a twiddle muff were asking if we could supply them laminated photo’s, and so TwiddlePic was born.

TwiddlePics are laminated copies of photograph’s of anything that is of interest to the recipient.

They provide a way for favourite memories to be looked at whenever wanted.

They can be fidgeted and fiddled with as well as studied.

As they are laminated, they are harder wearing than a standard photo, and can be wiped clean when covered in chocolate biscuit (also meaning that original photos can be kept separately intact)!

In the 2 months since the first idea for this project came to mind I have produced lots and lots of TwiddlePics, and seen first hand the smiles they can put on M’s face.

That is why I have a passion for this product and want to put as many smiles as possible on the faces of those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

At launch we will be supplying 1 size of TwiddlePic – 10 personalised Credit Card sized Twiddlepics that can be put on keyrings / added to a TwiddleRoll or muff.

Soon you will be able to order 3 more sizes (Playing Card size, A7 and A6).

The next stage will be when you will be able to order TwiddleRoll (hopefully early 2019).

A donation from every sale will be made to dementia related charities.

Please join us on the next stage of our journey – if you are aware of anyone who has a friend or relative affected and would appreciate TwiddlePics, please let them know by sharing details of our facebook page TwiddlePicUK.

Thank you for your support.

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